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Welcome (:
refer to me as God
Welcome to my store. I come from a non-smoking and non-pet (sadly ): gimme puppy?) home.
I also am a FULL TIME STUDENT, living away from home, where most of my stuff is. Therefore I send stuff out during weekends I am home (usually every weekend or every other weekend)

Here's the information you should know if you want to buy from me.

- I accept PayPal and concealed cash (at your own risk).

- Let me know your zip code or country so I can let you know how much shipping will be.
- Prices DO NOT include shipping unless specifically said.
-Delivery Confirmation is extra, 80 Cents, if you want DC please let me know.

-Comment in the post with what you are interested in.
-You can directly email me or message me about the item: tiltashirley@gmail.com
-If you have any questions about the item, post them in a comment.
-First come first serve. Unless you are sending concealed cash I will hold until payment arrives.

-Please leave feedback!
-My ebay feedback is here, I haven't sold anything on ebay but I'm a buyer.

- May be willing to trade for items on my wishlist.
- Or I can browse your journal to see if I like anything.

Any questions? Post here!

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refer to me as God
Information about stuff happening and check on your order status.

Recent Updates:
1/5/10: Updated

refer to me as God

If I have bought something from you or sold something to you then if you could give me some feedback it would be appreciated, and I of course can return the favor.


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Clothes: Tops, Pants, and Shoes XS-L
refer to me as God
Last Updated: 1/5/10

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Beauty, Jewelery, Accessories
refer to me as God
Last Updated: 1/15/10

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Books, DVDs, Video Games, CDs, Electronics
refer to me as God
Last Updated: 1/5/10

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Miscellaneous, Stationary, Toys, Collectables
refer to me as God
Items that don't belong in other categories

Last Updated: Jan 5th, 2010

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