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refer to me as God
lemonpuff wrote in lemonsells
Items that don't belong in other categories

Last Updated: Jan 5th, 2010



Hello Kitty "3D" stickers- $1

Winnie the Pooh Stamp Stickers- $1.50

Tracing Paper. 21 Sheets left.

Book Covers

Gaiam aluminum water bottle.
Stored water but hasn't been drank out of.

Miko Saimyouzi figure, measure about 8 inches.
Barely noticeable paint chip on torso area. Good condtion other than that.
Comes with original packaging.

NIP Mr. Potato Head

Bratz Doll

18 Marvel Recharge Cards

7 Lord of the Rings The Two Towers movie cards

Magic Cards

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fancy another trade? I liked:
Black and dark pink Express top
Size: XS
New With Tags. Retails at $34

Certificate of Value says:
Genuine Diamonds set in 10K gold
Diamond size: Total Weight is: .005 Carat
Diamond Quality: I3 or Clarity or Better
Diamond Color: "J" Color or better
Comes with box originally bought in.

Roxy Wallet. Kind of dirty, it's used

All of them 100% Sprayed once to smell it.
1 large (1.7 oz), 1 medium (1 oz), 1 small (0.1 oz). The small one you dab, the other ones have the spray nozzle.

Envy Me.
Usage shown

NIP Mr Potato Head


Urban Decay, did a swipe to test, basically new.
Hair coloring
Leave in conditioner, 95%

email me if interested or questions as i never receive notifications anymore.

I'm alone and online Go Here

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